June 2021

Thank you for visiting.

I am back, and shifting my healing practices to include acu, breathwork, and movement. Be on the lookout for two new websites coming:



Movement coaching for injuries and chronic pain, breathwork for emotional and spiritual healing.

Sessions are held on Zoom, Wednesdays and Thursdays, $175 / ea. 

Contact information is below.

For acupuncture, I am now running a donation-based social-justice clinic called

the people's acu. 

Information on that is below.

New clients, please text me at the number below.

If you are a current client, you are welcome to come in. ​

(the online calendar is still available, but not to the general public - I can give it to you if you need)


@thepeoplesacu is a donation-based, social-justice healthcare service meant to get the medicine back into the hands of the working class and the poor.

Everyone is welcome, but especially black and brown, people of color, indigenous, and trans individuals - anyone and all of those marginalized and usually excluded from acupuncture and healing services, which are human rights.

@thepeoplesacu provides support and healing for physical pain, injuries of all kinds, stress, and PTSD, among others.

We provide FREE SESSIONS for: injuries or trauma cause by the police, the medical system, unprovoked racial attacks or gender bias attacks, and for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction (not nicotine).

If you know of anyone who could use the support of this service, please tell them about it. Thank you.

To make an appointment, send a text to (917) 524-8776‬