Sunday Dec 1, 2019, 9am-5pm


You Me


It IS possible for you to navigate the most difficult conversations and exchanges, to be kind and relaxed, while still maintaining your boundaries and asking for/getting what you need.


Come gain the experience and tools you need to grow into that possibility.

Sunday, December 1st Christine Vargo, Brynn Wallace, and I will explore the body, thoughts, and feelings which make up the beings that we all are, how our primitive brains can derail our efforts to bond and build trust, and how to bring the kindness and love we're all capable of back into our relationships.

COMMUNICATION & TRUST BUILDING WORKSHOP - Deepen Your Listening, Get Your Needs Met, Experience Greater Love & Success

Bring yourself, your loved one, your partner, a coworker, even your child (14+)





$200 Individual

$380 Me Plus One

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Better Listening & Communication Series - more love, greater success, and acupuncture can help!

Saturday June 15th & 22nd, 2019

12:00-1:30 Free In person, or via Zoom 

With Special Guests Christine Vargo, LCSW, and Brynn Wallace, LCSW

"I feel like I'm not getting my needs met with my partner."

"My wife and I can't even talk about that issue."

"I can't get my clients/team to work with me, it's endless arguments"

"My body is derailing me - before every meeting I have tremendous anxiety, indigestion, insomnia"

These are real complaints from real patients, and all signs of a breakdown in listening and its effects on our nervous system.

When we have obstacles to listening to others, or when we feel unheard, it starts a vicious cycle of mistrust and fear. Our nervous system literally stops our ability to hear the human voice, and our connections with each other deteriorate as we switch from safe and social, to distressed/freeze.

But there are quick, effective ways of switching yourself back to safe mode, where you can listen, be heard, and bond with those in front of you - including acupuncture, breathing techniques, and other ways of affecting the connection between the physical body and the mind, and vice-versa.

Bring a loved one or a colleague who is not a current patient, and you both will receive $50 off your next acu session when you join the discussion.













Saturday June 15th, 2019

12:00-1:30 - Christine Vargo, LCSW 

Learn to listen using your body, and you will learn to listen deeply to others.

Special guest Christine Vargo helps clients learn to see and weed out old habits that create communication breakdowns. Explore vulnerability, and learn why being vulnerable helps others trust and hear you more deeply. Practice a body-centered approach to listening, and practice navigating difficult situations with others in a safe and supportive environment. The discussion will start with an overview of the nervous system and how our ability to listen changes when we become fearful, emotionally reactive, or triggered. There'll be room to discuss personal experiences and work with each other to learn to embody trust and facilitate listening.

Chris Vargo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Gestalt Therapist and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator








Saturday June 22nd, 2019

12:00-1:30 - Brynn Wallace, LCSW 

Learn the new tools being used to shift into a feeling of safe and social mode, so you can listen and be heard more fully, and connect with others more deeply.

Special guest Brynn Wallace will be part of a group discussion on listening and how feelings, the brain, and the body all work together to either enhance or block our ability to hear others. We'll have an overview of the nervous system and the body, discuss polyvagal theory and how we learn the habits of shutting down, and most importantly we'll practice body-centered techniques to unlearn these things and self-sooth, resulting in open ears and a receptive heart.

Brynn Wallace is the founder of The Fourth Wave, a therapy model which combines the fields of Neuroscience/Neurobiology, Mindfulness, Attachment, and Somatic Therapy to offer a multi-pronged approach to meet your multi-dimensional needs.


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