Our Patients’ Experiences

Determined, direct, and compassionate.

He takes the time to explain everything he's doing and why and how it affects the various parts of your body.

I went to Steve nearly paralyzed by back pain. Within just a few visits - and by closely following a regime he designed, I was back to living the movement-filled life I cherish.

I sprained my ankle three weeks before a big performance. Steve got me back on my feet in time. Perhaps most important, he was open to dialogue about the process and an individual plan for me.

I had been suffering from chronic migraines for years when I started seeing Steve for acupuncture and nutritional therapy. After just 3 months I noticed a significant improvement in my migraines, in both frequency and intensity. I haven't had a migraine since my last treatment with him.

I came to Steve's office shortly after I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on the left side of my face. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and clearly loves what he does. Within a week I was 95% back to normal, and the improvement only continued from there. He also spent a lot of time talking to me about lifestyle changes that could prevent recurrence.

I had a chronic (2-3years) shoulder injury. It was serious enough that on bad days I was unable to raise my arm above my shoulder. After six treatments with Steve, the problem had been cleared up, and has not come back since. I work as a personal trainer and have sent many of my clients to see Steve for help with numerous issues. They have all had positive experiences with him.

I have been seeing Steve for 10 years. When I first met Steve he was doing Chinese medical massage at the Wall Street gym where I work. I had been dealing with neck and lower back pain for several years and three surgeries later still was dealing with pain. What impressed me most was the fact that Steve listened to me and his treatments reflected that fact.

When I was looking for a practitioner of acupuncture and holistic healing, I asked my friends within the professional dance community. It is easy to trust dancers because they rely on their bodies as their instruments, and their art form leaves them no time to suffer fools when it comes to health care. After several of my closest friends had profound experiences in pain management, dietary guidance, herbal medicine, and hands-on massage/manual techniques, it seemed time to go myself. Steve communicates in a very direct, clear, and caring manner that portrays a genuine interest in the art of healing, and is someone I now recommend to all my acquaintances.

“Within minutes of my first session at Steve Pang Acupuncture, I could feel my stress and worries melting away. My therapist took care of me, making sure I was comfortable each step of the way.”

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