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Eat-Before-Your-Appointment Policy

MY POLICY: If you have skipped meals, not had a snack, or not eaten within a reasonable amount of time, you will be asked to leave, get whatever high protein food you can, and come back for your appointment. You will still be charged for your full appointment.

Acupuncture drops your blood sugar significantly. For those who have come for their (usually first) appointment having skipped meals, the results have been unpleasant and sometimes dangerous.

The best rule is:

1) Don't skip any meals

2) Have a snack before your appointment.

3) Everything high protein.

Fast items include cups of soup, apples and peanut butter, cheese, cheese and charcuterie, a bagel with cream cheese, eggs and cheese on a roll, or a roll with butter. These items are available at every deli in our area for those who don't have better choices. Yes, the preserved and processed nature of these foods makes them less than healthy choices, but I guarantee it's better than a trip to the hospital.

The unfortunate and avoidable incidents of those who skipped meals before an appointment:

I have had patients feel too dizzy to get off the table, too dizzy to leave the office and walk on their own, one person passed out and if I hadn't been there to catch her who knows what injury she would have sustained. I also have a colleague whose client, low on blood sugar, tipped over the massage table and fell on the floor, injuring himself. It's not just the brain and body which suffer when you suffer hypoglycemia; one fellow I worked with had a panic attack and went to the hospital, needing the consult and consolation of an MD to tell him his shoulder was not dislocated. The mind also spins out when our blood sugar drops.

Keep in mind, some of these people were professional dancers or A-level athletes - robust, energetic, strong, in their prime, and they still got wholluped unnecessarily. It feels awful - I know because I've made this preventable mistake myself.

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